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“That beautiful glow you get from your green smoothies? Eat Pretty has it down to a science. This book has everything you need to boost the pretty in your plant-based diet.”

— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen

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"Five years ago I was a beauty editor with blemished, painfully irritated skin, dealing with the frustrating question of why not a single beauty product or service could remedy my skin troubles. My complexion didn’t reflect the rest of my image as a polished, successful, trend-setting editor. The answer to my skin woes was not in the steady stream of new skin care products and beauty treatments that crossed my desk daily. None of these conventional beauty remedies improved the upset in my skin, which, as I learned later, reflected my poor diet and stressed-out lifestyle. The health and balance of my complexion (not to mention the luster of my hair, the strength of my nails and my overall radiance) mirrored the health and balance of my body. When it comes to beauty transformations made possible with the healing, beautifying recipes in Eat Pretty, I am the very first success story."

-Jolene Hart, 2011