5 Dramatic Ways to Make Over Your Beauty


We’ve all had moments when we feel stuck in a beauty rut.

Our solution usually involves a new hue of lipstick, a dramatic change in hairstyle, or a fresh shade of hair dye. But this year, I challenge you to be more creative. We can do better than those tired, old ways of thinking about beauty! To really freshen up the face you show the world, I’ve got some life-changing strategies that will change the way you think about your beauty, and help you achieve a more radiant glow than you’ve ever imagined.

Make these the steps you take to inspire radiant beauty this year...

1. Create a New Plate.

Your three daily meals equal three daily opportunities to nourish your skin, hair and nails from the inside out. Choosing processed foods, produce sprayed with pesticides, conventional meat and dairy products, and refined sugar robs you of precious beauty nutrients. Change what’s on your plate, and watch the beauty makeover happen! You’ll want to choose whole, organic, seasonal foods as the foundation of your beauty meals.

2. Detox Your Beauty Products.

Beauty products are meant to make you look and feel your best, so clearly toxic products have no place in your routine. Use resources (like Beauty Is Wellness, Cinco Vidas, Sophie Uliano, and the soon-to-launch CleanPicks) to learn how to ditch toxic products for safer (and equally beautifying) versions! Top ingredients to detox from your products include synthetic fragrance (a hidden source of hormone-disrupting phthalates), paraben preservatives, and antibacterial ingredients like triclosan.

3. Find a Beauty Coach.

Just like you’d see a stylist for a cut, or enlist a makeup artist for a special event, a Beauty & Health Coach will put you on the fast track to gorgeous.  As a coach, I arm my clients with personalized strategies to rev up beauty all day, every day. They get better sleep, more beauty nutrients, a slimmer waistline, clearer skin and revved up energy to show for it. To chat about program options, email me for a complementary consultation.

4. Build a Plan to Beat Stress.

Stress is a not-so-secret beauty buster. It can pack on the pounds, speed up aging, cause you to crave unhealthy foods, and sap the joy, energy and beauty out of life. Create a multifaceted plan for managing stress that involves stress-busting foods like tulsi tea, stress hormone-lowering exercises like mindful breathing, and calming activities like massage.

5. Pamper Yourself.

Remind yourself of your inherent beauty with a small gift or moment that makes you feel loved— a bouquet of wildflowers, a yoga class, a homemade meal, an extended soak in the bath. These little splurges reinforce the message that you that your body is beautiful, and that you can seize opportunities to pamper yourself every single day!

Image via TwiggyJane