5 Natural Ways to Get Endless Summer Beauty


 Many of us feel summer beauty slipping away at this time of year.

Why does the end of summer have to feel like a let-down?

Summer beauty is more than just radiant glowing skin and boundless energy— it's a feeling of freedom and relaxation. But you don't have to let go of your summer radiance just because it's fall.

Here are five of my favorite ways to maintain the beautiful appearance and mood of summer well into the chilly months...

1. Supplement sunshine.

Vitamin D, called the sunshine vitamin, is essential for bone building, mood, energy and immunity. But as the fall days grow shorter, your opportunities to glean natural vitamin D from the sun become more and more limited.  Before we move into winter, talk to your doctor about supplementing with vitamin D3, or about increasing your dosage if you already took a small amount of D during the summer months.

2. Behold, bumper crops.

Just because Labor Day has come and gone doesn't mean that the antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies of summer have vanished. Watch your local markets for a continued harvest of anti-aging tomatoes, peaches and fresh herbs, as well as fall apples, which cool and detox the body this season.

3. Move in new ways.

Summer may have been too hot for you to go for a long distance run or break out your bicycle for a day trip, but fall's cool mornings and evenings offer the perfect climate for outdoor exercise. Find a workout that reduces your stress levels, thereby lowering the aging stress hormone cortisol in your body. Your skin will thank you!

4. Get inspired by the natural beauty of fall.

You couldn't stop gaping at June flowers, July fruits and August sunsets, but nature's beauty inspiration can extend into fall as well. Take time to savor fall spices (they're packed with antioxidants), vibrant foliage, and steamy mugs of anti-aging tea.

5. Keep that chill summer vibe.

Vacation is over, and you're feeling the stress of a back-to-school, back-to-work, goal-oriented season. Don't let the relaxed vibe of summer slip away so fast! Start a 5-minute deep breathing and meditation practice (even if you have to do this at your desk, or while taking a short afternoon walk) to remind yourself that you can relax no matter what the season or situation.

Image by LorE Denizen