Celebrate National Sleep Month with a Giveaway from Amala!


When it comes to great beauty sleep, eating the right foods can be the difference between wide awake and fast asleep. It's best not to eat a big meal close to bedtime, so your body can use its precious energy for rest and repair rather than digestion. But a late-night snack isn't out of the question. Eating a light snack that's rich in serotonin-boosting amino acids can help you achieve a better night's rest. This works especially well for those who eat many small meals throughout the day and wake up hungry or with low blood sugar during the night. Try a snack that contains complex carbs or protein, like a banana, a small cup of oatmeal, some smoked salmon, a hardboiled egg, or a cup of miso soup.

Tart cherry juice is a known melatonin-booster that also helps you fall asleep, and nutmeg (try it in a glass of warm almond milk) helps lull you to sleep as well. Stay away from sugar or dark chocolate that can keep you awake or send your blood sugar crashing during the night.

Do you snack before bed?

Tell me your favorite beauty food snack for sleep and you could be one of five winners this week!

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Still Harboring Synthetic Fragrance? Time to Trade Up!

Because we all know how hard it is to let go of old synthetic perfumes, this month there's a little something extra in it for you, thanks to Tsi-La. We're calling it the Perfume Amnesty. You were in the process of spring cleaning anyway, right? Time to toss out the old and get ready to win new natural scents from Tsi-L Organics.

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Honore Des Pres: A Natural Perfume Line for the Most Skeptical of Noses

I wasn't lovestruck with natural perfume until I smelled the latest offerings from Honore Des Pres. The standout, Vamp a NY, is a sexy mix of tuberose, rum and bourbon vanilla that blows other natural scents out of the water with its sophistication.

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New Year Must-Have: Golden Earth Chakra Oil

chakra oil 1 roll-on[1] (2)

I savor the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, because it provides a perfect opportunity to organize and set plans in motion for the year ahead. Of course, I'll admit that it's tough to get my head back to work after a few days of non-stop holiday get-togethers!

I have great success focusing my mood and my mind with aromatherapy- especially Golden Earth's chakra oils, blended from therapeutic-grade essential oils.

I asked Elizabeth Golden, aromatherapist and founder of Golden Earth, to introduce Beauty Is Wellness readers to chakra oils- with a focus on new year's preparedness. And she generously offered to give away her favorite chakra oil for the new year-  chakra oil #1 for abundance and stability!

To enter to win Golden Earth's Chakra Oil #1, a 3.5mL roll-on, become a fan of Beauty Is Wellness on Facebook. One fan will be chosen on New Year's Day, January 1, 2011, to start the year with this grounding essential oil blend!

Here is Elizabeth's insight on chakra oil #1:

I love all of the chakra oils but chakra oil #1 is my choice to start the New Year.  The reason is because it is grounding, and being grounded is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. This is the place where we start to create what we want in our lives.  Chakra #1 relates to our life purpose, manifestation, stability and being in a physical body.  It is also about being in present time and how we relate to nature and our precious mother earth.  It is the beginning of creating balance in our lives and feeling good about ourselves.

What should Beauty Is Wellness readers know about chakras if they are unfamiliar with the concept?

Chakras are energy centers located on the midline of the spine on the front and back of the body.  We have 7 main chakras or energy centers starting at the base of the spine, that go up to the top of the head.  Chakras assist us in our daily lives to keep us balanced. Each chakra is associated with a specific color, and relates to different organs in the body, and our emotions.  The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel; they are wheels of energy located on our body.
Why are essential oils so effective in healing and restoring balance to our bodies and minds?
Essential oils are effective because they are the vital life force or the true essence of the plant or tree.  Each individual plant or tree contains a healing energy that is unique to that specific plant or tree.  When you use therapeutic grade essential oils the healing passes on to you!

Wishing you quiet time to prepare as you get ready for 2011!

Find all Golden Earth chakra oils at: www.goldenearth.net.

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Good-Looking, Great-Smelling Scent Therapy from 21 Drops

The idea that aromatherapy effects the body in ways that go far beyond mood truly fascinates me. Could it be that aromatherapy actually has the potential to help us digest, sleep well, cure a headache or relieve PMS? What if there was a fragrance blend to boost immunity or relieve muscle aches? There is.

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Teens Protest Abercrombie's Aggressive Fragrance Marketing

When I heard that Teens Turning Green planned to stage an anti-fragrance protest in front of Abercrombie & Fitch's 5th Avenue store, I was thrilled that someone– especially a group of teens– was taking action against the company's misuse of perfume...

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