On My Hair in May...Luxury Haircare from Olja


I've tried a lot of luxury hair lines over the years, but their ingredients disappoint me, from the $33 a bottle Kerastase (full of parabens) to the $37 Oribe and the cult-fave Living Proof (brimming with endocrine disruptors like synthetic fragrance and butylphenyl methylpropional). They're just not products I feel good about massaging into my head, and I'm certainly not going to pay top dollar to do so, you know?

But if you look hard, you'll find that there are haircare splurges that are both healthy AND luxurious. Meet Olja. This brand new handmade line (it just became available in the fall of 2012) is packed with some of the finest natural beauty ingredients, and bottled in elegant violet glass to preserve the integrity of its natural oils. These products are expensive, but in most cases you only need a small amount at a time. The founder of Olja, Amy Lindwall, is a seasoned stylist who believes that our hair is an extension and an expression of our well-being and our physical selves. She hand cultivates and picks the herbs used in Olja products on her farm in Upstate New York, and uses principles of medical herbalism to formulate them. The love and quality in these products shows!

Here are the 4 Olja products that I'm obsessed with (they rival products from any prestige hair care line—and they're natural!):

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Elava Botanik: Amazing Whole Fruit Hair Products

What if the ingredients in your shampoo included organic mango pulp, mango butter, olive oil, flax seed oil and vitamin E (and that's just a start)? And what if it worked really, really well? That's the case with the hair products from Elava Botanik.

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Silktage: Styling Serum? Or Overnight Hair Treatment?

How did your hair fare this winter? After being whipped around into knots by freezing wind, caught in the zipper of my winter coat and dehydrated by dry indoor heat, mine's a little worse for wear. Which is why I'm so thrilled about the arrival of Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum.

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The Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Is it Safe?

By now you've no doubt heard women sing the praises of the Brazilian keratin treatment, aka the Brazilian Blowout. But recent testing and the reactions of salon-goers and stylists seriously questions whether this treatment is actually as safe as it claims to be!

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