The Cellulite-Fighting Secrets of Ayurvedic Beauty


Ready for some new tools in the fight against cellulite? Betcha haven't tried calamus oil, or punarnava yet—have you? How about shankpushpi? I didn't think so.

But wait, I'm getting waaay ahead of myself. These odd-sounding ingredients are traditional Ayurvedic botanicals to detoxify, firm and tone (and if you don't yet know what Ayurveda means, I'm about to share!).

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Trend Alert: Spas with Farm-to-Body Products


You splurge on a facial at a spa in your town. Or maybe you book a massage at the hotel spa where you're vacationing. It goes without saying that you're psyched about being pampered to the fullest...until you find out that the products used in your treatment are packed with questionable ingredients—parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and preservatives—that you don't want on your body! How's a girl supposed to relax and feel good about that?

Suddenly pampering comes with a major downside other than the price tag.

Very slowly, this all too common scenario is changing. Not only are *some* spas adding natural and organic beauty lines like Naturopathica, Marie Veronique Organics, Eminence, and Amala, there are even a few spas creating handmade natural products of their own, in a new spa trend called 'farm to spa.'

Where can you take advantage of these flower- and herb-filled products, and indulge in true natural luxury?

Start with these pioneering spas:

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On My Skin in April...Napa Organics



Agribeauty. (ag-ri-byoo-tee)


1. The pared-down luxury and natural elegance of Napa, California.

2. The word Napa Organics founder Hilary Glass coined to describe the line of organic products she created on the Napa farmland that's been in her family for generations.

I had the chance to check out the lovely line of Napa Organics products (so pretty that you'll want to show them off in your bathroom or guest room), and had to share them with you this month. They're the perfect replacements for the conventional, toxic products you're tossing out during spring cleaning!

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On My Skin in January...Nourish

I had a chance to try some outer skin nourishment this month, with the USDA certified organic beauty brand Nourish, and I found at least one product that I'll be buying again and again: a fab organic deodorant.

If you're a regular reader of Beauty Is Wellness, you know that I talk a lot about foods that nourish skin from the inside out. And you also know that the beauty ingredients you put on your skin are kind of like food as well, since they end up inside your body.

I had a chance to try some outer skin nourishment this month, with the USDA certified organic beauty brand Nourish, and I found at least one product that I'll be buying again and again: a fab organic deodorant that I encourage you all to pick up if you need a serious alternative to your old aluminum-containing deodorant and antiperspirant formulas. At $8, Nourish Organic Deodorant is a worthy buy, and it's easy to find at Whole Foods and at

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On My Skin in October: The Honest Co.

I took the phrase 'babying your skin' a bit literally this month, and became obsessed with The Honest Co.

My husband and I don't yet have a need for The Honest Co.'s diapers, wipes and bottles, but after one use I was personally hooked on the extra-gentle body oil and hair conditioning mistthese products are definitely not just for kids!

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GIVEAWAY: skinnyskinny Organic Body Oil

It's time for another natural beauty giveaway: this time it's a bottle of botanically-infused Lemongrass Organic Bath & Body Oil from Brooklyn-based brand skinnyskinny! Find out what lemongrass can do for your body and mind this winter...

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Make Room for the Un-Petroleum Jelly

I can honestly say that I've never been a fan of petroleum jelly. But I was really intrigued by Waxelene, "The Petroleum Jelly Alternative." It's made with natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin: organic soy oil, beeswax, natural vitamin E oil and organic rosemary oil. Refreshing, right?

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As Winter Nears, Think Primavera

I always miss fresh herbs and flowers during the winter, but fortunately there are lots of natural beauty products that capture the freshness of plants year-round. Primavera, the German company that's been making pure essential oils for 25 years now, is a wonderful example.

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