Autumn's Perfect Beauty Fruit


Just as blueberries and peaches are starting to disappear from local markets, we’re heading into the high season for one extremely powerful beauty fruit: apples.

What makes the apple a perfect fall fruit for our looks?

Its unique combination of cooling, cleansing and nourishing properties gives our bodies a balancing fall treat each time we eat one. Fall is the season to explore apple varieties beyond Red Delicious, Gala and Granny Smith; get creative, and choose organic varieties to support your beauty and body.

Fall apples at my Philadelphia farmer's market.

Behold, 9 reasons to put down the peaches and get to a farmer’s market to partake in the most beautifying fruit of the season:

  1. Apples are deeply cooling to the body and help dissipate some of the lingering heat of the summer. This translates to less redness for your skin.
  2. Picked straight from a tree, apples are brimming with beauty nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, and even fresher than those you’d find in a local market.
  3. Look for organic apples and enjoy their skins, which contain the powerful phytochemical quercetin. Quercetin supports beauty by defending against UVB damage, boosting immunity and reducing allergies!
  4. The filling pectin fiber in apples encourages healthy elimination and internal detox, lessening the waste-removal duties of your skin.
  5. Great news for your skin and waistline: apples are low calories, and have a relatively low glycemic index, so they won’t bring on wrinkles or blemishes.
  6. They’re a perfectly portable beauty snack that will keep you full between meals. Add a few raw nuts or almond butter and create an even more sustaining pair.
  7. Apples add wonderful sweetness to green smoothies, and pair well with antioxidant-rich fall spices like cinnamon and ginger.
  8. The malic acid found in apples is cleansing to the liver, an organ that supports clear, radiant skin.
  9. You don’t just always need to eat them raw; Ayurveda teaches that cooked apples are the most healing, since they’re warm and extremely easy to digest.

Orchard image ©Steenbergs

Apples image ©Jolene Hart