Best Natural Baby Products from the First 3 Weeks


If I've learned anything in my first three weeks as a mom, it's that bringing a baby into the world doesn't require a ton of accessories— just patience, love and lots of attention.

But I've also learned that leaning on the support of family, friends, and, yes, a few awesome natural products, makes life SO much easier in the early days with a newborn. I'm so relieved that I had these products stocked in my home before my son Jack was born in late January because I haven't had a single moment to go browsing for new baby products like I did a few months ago. Ordering products from Amazon Mom at 3am = do-able, strolling to the drugstore in freezing temps when you're recovering from a difficult delivery = no way! Buy these products early, and buy them often. The best part is, they're natural (many of then organic) and really simple. Simple is the way to go, even when life feels a little more complicated than it was before!

Here are my favorite natural products for babies— and their parents...

Pre-baby (for expectant moms!):

Erbaviva Mommy-to-Be Milk Bath. I received this lavender-scented milk bath as a gift, and was so excited to use it! Since expectant moms are told to avoid hot baths, I sadly hadn't taken a relaxing soak in 9 whole months. But this milk bath gave me an excuse to pamper myself with a warm (not hot) herbal bath in the last days of my pregnancy— when I was more than a week past my due date and going crazy with anticipation! I can't wait to use it again...just as soon as I get 10 minutes of quiet time:)

La Bella Figura Skin Aficionado Body Oil. I reviewed this incredibly luxurious oil in my last Product Obsessions post. It is divine. I didn't skimp on natural body oil during my pregnancy, with the hope of keeping my skin hydrated, supple and elastic— so far so good! The intoxicating natural scent of this oil makes me feel sophisticated when the air around me smells a little like baby diapers.

Amala Relax Lavender Concentrate. Of all the (many, many) beauty items I brought to the hospital to use during labor, this is the ONE that I actually applied— again and again. Honestly, there was NO time for my husband to do an oil massage or for me to mix up essential oil blends during labor, but I could easily reach for this roll-on, apply it to my wrists and inhale in between contractions. And I continued to use it in the hours and days after birth, to catch my breath and calm down when it was really hard to relax!

Week One:

Zoe Organics Nipple Balm. So far I've only needed this balm for a day or two— but when I needed it, I NEEDED IT! The creamy natural oils and butters in this formula are so soothing. I love the cocoa butter aroma and the calming calendula and marshmallow root– all organic, of course. When I really didn't know what else to do to soothe my nipples as they adjusted to constant feedings, this balm was such a comfort to me. 

Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Gel. With a winter baby, you worry about the many germs and viruses that your well-meaning guests could bring into your home. While we ask friends and family to wash their hands before they hold Jack, it's so helpful to have this hand sanitizer around— when it's not practical to wash, when we're out of the house at the pediatrician's office or in the car, etc. Its scented with natural grapefruit, orange and lime (which smells pleasantly like a creamsicle to me) and doesn't contain any questionable anti-bacterial ingredients like triclosan.

Waxelene Petroleum Jelly Alternative. For the first week, our little guy need petroleum jelly applied after every diaper change to keep his circumcision healing well. I skipped the regular old petroleum jelly (which contains byproducts of oil refining), and grabbed my tub of Waxelene, a favorite beeswax- and vitamin E-based alternative to Vaseline.

Week Two:

Zoe Organics Bath Wash. Once the umbilical cord fell off of Jack's belly button, started having real bath time. This foaming bath wash is the only one I want to use on his little body at this young stage! It's so gentle, light, and non-drying, at a time of the year when the weather is so harsh on skin. And I completely trust Zoe Organics and their castile soap formula, free of foaming agents.

Zoe Organics Diaper Balm. Another Zoe Organics favorite! Are you seeing a trend here? I love this brand for its simple, functional organic formulas, and its affordability— each product is a worthy investment but doesn't require you to plunk down crazy amounts of money for quality. This diaper balm will last months (years?) and it's just $18.

Week Three:

We're only just beginning week three! Stay tuned for Jack's must-haves from his next weeks of life...I can't wait to see what the future holds!

In my natural baby product stash at the moment:

Green Babies Lotion Potion Moisturizer. A light, natural lotion that's free from synthetic perfumes and harsh ingredients that could sensitize a baby's skin.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream. Another skin-soothing formula to heal chapped, dry skin or calm diaper rash.

What natural baby products and/or brands would you recommend for baby's first weeks of life— and beyond?

I'd love to hear your suggestions!