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Still life with Rare Indigo

Still life with Rare Indigo

There are plenty of compelling natural beauty products out there, ones that are both effective and a joy to use. But few are actually legit works of art, which is what I encountered when I tried Rare Indigo Beauty Balm from Mahalo Skin Care in the May 2016 Beauty Heroes box.

Come to think of it, finding product masterpieces that you'll want to buy again and again and tell your best friends about is one major aspect of the Beauty Heroes mission. But in the few months that I've been a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, I've had quite a few deliveries that left me shocked (and, um, super-psyched) about the quality of the products this subscription service delivers. I think Jeannie Jarnot, the founder of Beauty Heroes, gets a real thrill out of knowing that her subscribers are jumping with joy at the mailbox on a regular basis!

But back to Rare Indigo. This buttery balm indulges your visual senses as much as your olfactory and tactile senses. It's the loveliest shade of soft, could-this-actually-be-natural purple, for crying out loud. It feels nothing short of restorative and youth-giving when I melt it between my fingers, inhale its heady natural fragrance (a mix of vanilla, iris, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and lavender), and press it into my skin each evening. I may have had a had a tough day juggling clients and writing in my office, and my toddler most likely wiped his nose and spilled smoothie on me several times, but at that moment I'm the queen of Kauai (the Hawaiian home of Mahalo Skin Care and its founder Maryna Kracht). I love its strong anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing properties, a product of ingredients including helichrysum, chamomile, and yarrow to soothe, rose, carrot seed, and CoQ10 to heal, and organic hemp and kukui oils to moisturize. Again, a work of art! And if you have seen the paradise that is Kauai (incidentally, it's where my husband and I honeymooned 5 years ago!), then you can begin to understand where at least some of Rare Indigo's natural beauty and allure originates. For a behind-the-scenes a peek at Rare Indigo being crafted, check out this short clip:

No surprise that this Beauty Heroes box sold out in record time, but you can still treat yourself to Mahalo's Rare Indigo masterpiece in the Beauty Heroes store. And you can get onboard with a 3, 6, or 9 month subscription to the Beauty Heroes box (by adding your name to the waiting list, which will open in June) so you're the one jumping for joy when it arrives next time. Who else is going to send you a skin work of art for your skin and vanity table for a fraction of their actual cost?!

Thank you Beauty Heroes and Mahalo Skin Care for many beautiful moments this month!