Everything You Need to Know About Spa-ing, in Pictures

I'm sure you remember your very first spa visit— you weren't sure what to expect, you had no idea what articles of clothing to take off or keep on, and you probably felt pretty awkward in general. For most of us, being a spa newbie takes away from the overall enjoyment and relaxation of the experience. And guess what? This awkwardness doesn't automatically go away on your second visit, especially if a trip to the spa is an infrequent indulgence. But it doesn't have to be this way!


When you hit the spa, remember that you are the customer and that you're paying for an experience that meets your needs, whether that means relaxation, muscle therapy, an energy boost, or otherwise. Don't be shy about asking questions, or asking for something that will make your experience more pleasant. You'll almost always find that your therapist is more than happy to oblige with an extra pillow, a different massage technique, a change in temperature or music, etc. But you have to speak up.

To answer some of the most common questions about what to expect when you visit the spa, I wanted to share this awesome infographic, 'Your Spa Experience,' which is filled with Spa 101 info and great tips for making every spa experience a smooth one! One note I'd add to the graphic— don't be afraid to ask about the products being used in your treatments, and specifically about the ingredients they contain. It's best to do this ahead of time, so don't wait until you're settled in for your facial before letting your esthetician know that you prefer natural and organic products.


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