Meet UK Skin Guru Antonia Burrell and Join Our Live Q&A

If you love safe, effective, science-backed green beauty and you haven't heard of Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare, it's because, well, her products are seriously hard to come by here in the US. I'll call them exclusive. If you aren't a client of the famed (and chicly-curated) Shen Beauty in Brooklyn, you haven't even seen Antonia Burrell Skincare on shelves in the US. And you're missing out!

With famously flawless faces like that of model Jessica Stam and HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece in her hands, Burrell has a lot at stake. But her clients rave about her famous Natural Face Lift Facial (make a trip to Urban Bliss Spa in Notting Hill to experience it) and product line.

I had the opportunity to test drive one of Burrell's products, Forest Dew Skin Conditioner, last month, since I hadn't seen her range but for a moment while shopping at Shen. Forest Dew is like a thick version of a toner— not at all watery and runny— that you spray onto your palms and apply after cleansing. The formula struck me as instantly quenching to my winter skin, and it was incredibly calming to the extra bit of skin inflammation that I developed while traveling. In fact, the French fucose polysaccharide in this toner is proven to hydrate longer and better that hyaluronic acid, AND it boasts anti-allergy properties that calm and soothe. Its Swiss Epilobium Fleischeri Extract mattifies the skin and reduces pore size by 18%. Personally, this trifecta of hydration, calming and pore reduction is my ultimate trifecta for toners! I really enjoyed my first glimpse of this beautiful line.

I had a chance to ask Antonia a few questions about her philosophy, fave rituals and beauty foods, below, and am excited to announce that this is just the beginning! Join me and Antonia next Monday afternoon, April 13th, at 2pm ET (7pm GMT) for a live Twitter Q&A and GIVEAWAY that you won't want to miss. Use the hashtag #BeautyInsideOut.

Jolene: When did you launch your skin care line? And what inspired you to do so?
Antonia: I launched my skincare line in 2011 after overwhelming demand from my facial clients for high quality, results driven natural skincare. Ever since I was 19 it had been one of my goals to create my own line, and after treating facial clients frustrated with the lack of natural cosmeceuticals I felt driven to create my own products that would meet my customers’ needs and compliment my treatments.

J: Simplicity and minimalism with a scientific edge seem to be hallmarks of your line - is that also part of your beauty philosophy?
A: Absolutely! I always try to keep my skincare regime as simple and minimalistic as possible, incorporating any treatment serums or masks when needed. Efficacy and simplicity are the two words that describe my beauty philosophy.

J: Describe a beautifying meal that you love to make.
A: I always call upon this meal as my favourite side dish, quick lunch or midnight snack! I absolutely love tomatoes for their rich lycopene content, which is a potent anti-oxidant phytochemical that actually helps to protect skin from sunburn! I keep a mixture of heritage tomatoes in various sizes, types and flavours to give a variety of flavour, texture and colour to the dish, so I chop up a selection along with half or a whole avocado which is rich in essential fatty acids, a chopped antibacterial shallot and season with celery seeds and salt. Celery is the most alkaline forming food, so this is essential for health during a season change! I drizzle with a mixture of virgin olive oil and lemon juice, and sprinkle over some parsley, rich in vitamins C and K.

J: What is your favorite self-care ritual?
A: I absolutely adore relaxing in the bath, and make it as luxurious as possible. First of all I massage aromatherapy oils over my whole body, allowing them to fill the room with a divine fragrance, before my skin absorbs all the benefits of the essential oils. Then I treat myself to a body polish and relax with a face mask on and simply switch off. I usually opt for my Mask Supreme 7-in-1 as this treats all of my skin concerns in one treatment!

J: Jessica Richards from Shen Beauty called your line ‘a natural Proactiv.’ Why do you think your products work so well against breakouts?
A: Efficacy is at the heart of the Antonia Burrell ethos. As a practiced facialist I understand how skin works and have studied botany to allow me to combine my knowledge and create a skincare line targeted at keeping blemishes to a minimum whilst also treating other skincare concerns such as premature aging and dehydration. I also use no mineral oils or synthetic ingredients that block pores. The pH balance of the skin is also taken into consideration, keeping the skin in equilibrium.

J: What’s in store for you and your skin care line in the future?
A: Two amazing new skincare goodies, but I must say no more! Watch this space…

Don't forget! Join me and Antonia next Monday afternoon, April 13th, at 2pm ET (7pm GMT) for a live Twitter Q&A and GIVEAWAY that you won't want to miss! Use the hashtag #BeautyInsideOut.