Perfect Skin Naturally: Advice from Facialist Joanna Vargas

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas is hot. She keeps popping up on must-have beauty lists of those in-the-know, and I probably see her featured in a beauty magazine or site like every week. Her celeb clients are rumored to be the likes of Karlie Kloss, Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts.


What's so noteworthy about her facials? Not only do they make your skin feel amazing and bring dramatic radiance to your complexion, they're natural! Having had the pleasure— and privilege— of experiencing one, as well as her full-body LED treatment (a genius head-to-toe anti-aging innovation she's dubbed 'The Time Machine'), I know they're worth every penny. But just in case you can't get to NYC to see her, or your can't shell out $400 to meet with her in-person for a facial, here are the insider tips to getting gorgeous skin that she might dispense during your treatment:

1. Avocado. "One of my best tips is to start by eating a bit of avocado everyday as part of your salad, or even throwing half of an avocado into your morning smoothie. Avocado supplies the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients to hydrate from the inside out and bring back your glow."

2. Exfoliation! "Women often get this step wrong-never skip it! It's like having a mini facial when done right. You should look glowing and flawless after a good exfoliation mask."

3. Green Juice. "I always recommend that clients keep their skin clear and detoxed by the foods they eat, and also in what they drink-a green juice a day keeps the skin clean and glowing. It is a great replacement to your afternoon coffee and it will literally transform your skin in a matter of days. Green juice helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage so it's de-puffing too. My skincare solution for the skin needing greens is my Daily Serum. It's a green juice for the skin!"

AND, as a bonus, check out Joanna's favorite beauty-enhancers, below. I back up her picks for Dr. Frank Lipman's Be Well shakes, Joanna's own Daily Serum, and Bite Beauty lip products, though I'm not certain that the Kevin Aucoin makeup and Kerastase elixir meet all-natural standards.

"Dr. Frank Lipman's Be Well Recharge Shake. It combines premium quality whey protein from grass-fed cows with nutrient-dense, organic greens and red and blue berries. The potent blend primes your body with vital nutrients for physical and mental energy, and is perfect when you need a boost. I love it for breakfast-it's great for anyone who is busy and it's just awesome for the skin!"

  • BE WELL BY DR. FRANK LIPMAN Whey Protein and Organic Greens Shake $119

"Kevyn Aucoin's tinted moisturizer goes great over my Daily Hydrating Cream (I wear that under my makeup everyday). And it gives me a finished look without covering up my skin."

"Starting the day with an awesome cappuccino from my Nespresso is just heaven."

"It's so nourishing-it completely changed my hair."

  • KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultime 3-Step Regimen For All hair Types $163

"I love the fact that I can burn so many calories in 45 minutes! It's also great for me to manage stress."

  • FLYWHEEL SPORTS Flywheel Class $32

"It's based on a green juice I love, so it contains chlorophyll for your lymphatic system and oxygenation as well as oat grass juice. It makes the skin glow!"

"Their whole line is amazing, but this is a must-have. It's hydrating but really makes sure you have no color bleeding around the mouth at all. It's an incredible product and it's also natural, which is a major plus!"


Avocado image by SummerTomato