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Feels like Spring: bright, fresh packaging from 3Girls Holistic.

Spring's still a terribly long way off, but the arrival of a new year makes me yearn for freshness. I'll never abandon my favorite skin care regimen completely, but lately it's felt like time to explore a few new formulas for my skin. The first brand I checked out this year was 3Girls Holistic, which I had heard great things about. 3GH caught my eye for its pregnancy and postpartum products (you can find them at Motherhood Maternity- great to see natural beauty products there!), but I ended up giving their skin care a whirl first, since I'm still waiting for baby to arrive! The ingredients are clean, simple and, if not organic, natural.

The product that really caught my eye was the Cleansing Grains. You don't see cleansing grains too often, and I think they're such a unique and versatile product. Everyone should have a bottle! You can use them alone as a scrub, leave them on as a mask, and add them to your cleanser for a bit of extra exfoliation. I adore products that multitask, especially for travel, and the tiny 1 oz jar of cleansing grains from 3GH is definitely going in my travel beauty bag.


Looking closely at the grains, you can see the tiny bits of rose petal and poppy seeds!

While I my absolute favorite cleansing grains to add to cleanser are those from SW Basics (they have a little more grit to them and won't dissolve into your cleanser), I think the clay-based 3Girls Holistic grains work impressively on their own, as a mask or gentle scrub. They smell beautiful thanks to essential oils of ylang ylang (an anti-inflammatory) and tea tree (antibacterial). Definitely a new favorite!


The exotic ylang ylang flower, which lends its anti-inflammatory oil to the 3Girls Holistic Cleansing Grains.

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Coming in a close second is the Nightly Repair Serum, which smells totally garden fresh (could it be the carrot seed oil?) and has an impressive ingredient list. Carrot seed oil is packed with beta carotene to smooth and nourish the skin (and may also make it effective against acne), while jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer (it's super-close to the composition of our natural sebum), and pomegranate seed oil is especially rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage. Essential oils of rose and helichrysum (both excellent at healing and regenerating aging skin) round out the formula. Lately I've been rotating my nightly face oils and serums, and this one fits right into the mix. At $22 for 1/2 oz, it's a great natural formula to add to your routine.

I also tried the Purifying Toner (I'm a big fan of toners— don't wait for them to dry completely before applying your serum, moisturizer or face oil, so you can lock in their hydrating benefits), which has both witch hazel and vinegar to tighten pores and balance pH. The 1 oz bottle ($6.95) is another perfect travel item; I'm always looking for a little face mist to take in my carry-on, and the aloe, chamomile and calendula in this one will soothe the inflammation that I'm always fighting in-flight.

Next on my list? Postpartum! I'll report back on how these hard-working green products make it into my post-baby routine. Moms who are looking for safe products for their kids might want to check out the adorable natural perfumes for little girls- these look like they would've been such precious faves to me as a girl!

What new products are making it into your 2014 routine?