Skin Cleanse Simplifies Gorgeous Skin

Adina Grigore: I've been using this lovely lady's Brooklyn-crafted beauty products for years now, and I can promise you that they're the real deal.

Even with all of the covetable natural and organic beauty lines out there, Adina's line SW Basics of Brooklyn comes up a lot when I talk to my clients about safe personal care. Hers are some of my favorite examples of natural products that are so crazy simple, and so crazy effective, they're genius. Even when you're applying totally safe ingredients to your body, I believe that simplifying wherever you can is important, and SW Basics is one of the simplest lines I've seen; most formulas contain five ingredients or less. Why overcomplicate your beauty routine when you could grab a SW Basics cleanser (for 22 bucks, mind you) that will work just as well as your conventional one, and let your skin breathe a sigh of relief? I dunno.

Whether or not you've tried SW Basics (now available in Target, FYI), you're going to want to pick up Adina's brand new book, Skin Cleanse. That simplicity, that transparency that I love about SW Basics? It's in here too. In the pages of Skin Cleanse, Adina opens up (quite succinctly and humorously- love her!) about the plight of our sorely misunderstood skin. She leads us on a true skin makeover, targeting both the outside and the inside, in an effort to transform what we thought we knew about skin health. Reading it, I was underlining passages and dog-earing recipe pages left and right!

I had so much fun with the Skin Cleanse challenge this month. Since I'm already down with the whole fresh, unprocessed, inside-out approach (Eat Pretty, anyone?), I focused on products. Adina sent some sweet almond oil, green clay and ground oats (shown above), which I whipped into a mask at her suggestion. I also added some ground oats to my evening bath salts, a la the Soothing Bath Soak recipe on p 193. Next I want to try the Sea Salt Hair Spray by Herbivore Botanicals (p 205), but I'm waiting til the snow melts on the ground before ushering in beach wave season! Another recipe that caught my eye? The Deep Sea Hydrating "Strips" on p 185—  made with actual seaweed strips. Whoa!

Not only is Skin Cleanse eye-opening, it's empowering. It'll help you reign in your beauty product routine and tune up your diet, and you'll be a lot more friendly with your skin by the time you reach the end. You'll also  be opening it again and again for recipes and inspiration.

I'm so excited to give away a copy of Skin Cleanse to one reader— just leave a comment on this post or on the Beauty Is Wellness FB page telling me your favorite tip or trick for gorgeous skin. Leave your comment by the end of the day on Wednesday March 4th. I'll pick one commenter at random to win the book and share the best tips on social media!

Here, meet Adina and here her list of 5 Things Your Skin Would Tell You if if Could...