The Human Experiment: a New Film About Chemicals in Your World


My take on beauty and health is meant to inspire you, to demonstrate that fresh foods and natural products and self-care rituals and a focus on wellness will without question lead you to your most beautiful life, in the way you look and feel. I don't like to focus on the negative, and I don't like scaring my friends, family and readers about the dangers of our world.

But the situation out there can be scary.

We really are being bombarded with chemicals in our food, in the cosmetics we apply to our skin every day, in the fragrances we use to scent our bodies and our homes, and in the products we buy to fill our lives. We're struggling with cancers, infertility, hormone issues and autoimmune diseases at incredibly young ages, and we're wondering why— why?!— our bodies are failing us. The answers are complicated, but I strongly believe that detoxing our lives— and beauty is an incredibly massive part of this— from the chemical load that has been placed on us is no longer just a's a must. If you need help finding natural, organic, safe alternatives to your current beauty products, email me at for help, or check out some of the wonderful products I've reviewed on this site. Every little change you can make will support your body and beauty!


On the same subject, I recently checked out a trailer for a new movie directed by Sean Penn called The Human Experimentthat connects the prevalence of chemicals (many, if not most, untested) in our world to the rise in health issues. I haven't seen the film in its entirety, but I'm interested. I invite you to watch the short trailer below.