Winter Product Obsessions

What's on my vanity, tucked in my purse and stocking my bathroom cabinet this season? Here are the natural and organic products that have become my absolute favorites for wintertime beauty...

Needless to say, I'm using a LOT of body oil these days— being pregnant, I just have a lot more body to cover. And I honestly can't think of a body oil that has ever made me feel as gorgeous as this one. The scent is intoxicating— Hawaiian sandalwood mixed with tonka bean, frangipani, bergamot and mimosa (seriously, LBF, could you pack any more dreamy & exotic natural fragrances in here?)— not to mention the sheer quantity and quality of the hydrating oils held within— vitamin C-rich passionfruit oil, camellia oil, sunflower oil, and omega-packed sacha inchi oil to name a few. I wish I could slather myself in it every day, but I've been limiting Skin Aficionado to once a week or so— preferably Friday or Saturday night before dressing up myself and my bump— just to savor it a little more. The aroma lingers on your skin for hours, so you won't want to bother with perfume. A must-try.


Any activities that involve reaching my feet at the very end of my pregnancy is pretty complicated. But I'm telling you, doing some elaborate stretching acrobatics in order to use this sugarcane foot scrub is well worth it— especially in winter. I know it's not pedicure season, but you still want to keep your feet soft and moisturized and get rid of calloused skin before it gets really dry, rough and unsightly. The natural lavender-mint fragrance is beautiful, and the 7 types of natural moisturizers in the formula leave your feet so hydrated (read: super-slippery, so don't use this in the shower and expect to walk around safely.) I recommend that you sit yourself on the edge of your tub and scrub your feet well, rinse, then put your feet immediately in soft socks to lock in the moisture and avoid mishaps.


Just what your lips need in the winter— hydration AND a pop of color! Since it's not technically a lipstick, this 'lip conditioner' might get overlooked in your search for natural cosmetics. But this product has major pigment power, especially when you apply a second (or third) coat, and glides on super-slick just like a favorite balm. Since I'm constantly layering lipsticks over balms, creating more work for myself, I'm in love with the 1-step process Ilia created here. Crimson & Clover is eye-catching enough to make me feel polished and elegant even when I put minimal effort into the rest of my makeup routine!


Pumpkin season may be over, but this cream is just hitting its stride— it makes a wonderful winter hydrator. It's not a heavy cream formula (it has more of a lotion-y texture), but works well as a layer over your favorite facial oil if you're in need of extra moisture (layering always helps when you're dry in winter). Not only does it contain the powerful skin ingredient pumpkin seed oil (a great source of acne-fighting zinc), it's packed with a list of antioxidants to be taken seriously: astaxanthin, vitamin C-rich camu camu, acai, mangosteen, and growth factors that support healthy collagen production. The pale green color of the formula (I'm guessing it's from the chlorophyll inside?) also helps to offset any hint of redness your skin might be carrying during the winter months.


I know, I know— why would I ever choose to talk about a face oil formulated for spring in the dead of winter? Well, it's January and my skin just loves this oil. So much so that I had to tell you about it. Never heard of milkseed? It's actually a creative name for the oil that comes from the milkweed plant ('milkweed' sounds a little less appealing, huh?), which monarch butterflies love to feast on. The oil, which smells grassy, is packed with antioxidants, wonderful at balancing acne-prone skin, unclogging pores and, of course, hydrating. It has natural SPF 10 properties too. This blend is formulated with jojoba oil, which closely mimics your natural sebum, and it was created by sought-after NYC esthetician Andrea DeSimone. I find the result to be shockingly great on my skin— I'm well-hydrated, smooth, not a hint of redness, etc.. It's a little pricey, so I alternate it with other face oils for nighttime use.