Doctors Are 'Prescribing' Produce–Should Your Dermatologist?



This past weekend's New York Times explored an interesting story about several Massachusetts doctors who are now 'prescribing' fruits and veggies for families who are fighting obesity. Sounds radical–and brilliant–doesn't it?

The goal of the 'prescriptions,' which are really $1/day coupons  toward farmer's market produce, is to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by one serving a day in their patients. Not much to ask, but it could make a very noticeable difference, especially if the produce replaces sugary, processed snacks and other junk food.

This story got me thinking about how incredible it would be if doctors really did prescribe whole foods to complement other treatments and prescriptions. What if your dermatologist gave you a prescription for skin-clearing, body-balancing foods instead of a dangerous prescription for Accutane?

Having tried many dermatological prescriptions for acne-clearing pills and lotions that did not work (or had horrible side effects), I wish someone had instead looked at my diet and lifestyle and found the real sources of the problem. I'm lucky that I was able to do that for myself years later!

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