2013 Beauty in One Word



Start your day off well, just like your new year: sip warm lemon water in the morning for more radiant skin, a healthy liver and a strong digestive system!

A new year, a new day, and a fresh start. Whether this past year was your best ever, or filled with challenges you're ready to leave behind, January is your time to refocus for the year ahead.

This January, I've been inspired by Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map and I've been thinking of the feeling I want to carry with me this year, rather than one specific resolution. I wanted to express my 2013 intentions in one word that I could return to again and again as the months pass.

If you could set the tone for your beauty in 2013 using a single word, what would it be?

These were my runners-up:

  • Nourished. (Literally well fed, with beauty foods, and inspired)
  • Open. (Willing and excited to share my journey and my ideas)
  • Peaceful. (Accepting and trusting of my body and my health)

But the word that really spoke to me for 2013 was RELAXED.

On the surface, relaxation of any kind seems hard for me right now. I'm working on a tight deadline for the manuscript of my first beauty book, I'm creating a new coaching program that will allow me to offer affordable beauty coaching to a large number of women, and I have huge goals for the change I can inspire with Beauty Is Wellness. It would be easy for me to say that it's just not the time to think about relaxing.

But that's exactly why it's so important. Not only is our daily stress a burden on our mental and emotional clarity, it's a powerfully aging force on our outward beauty, laying the groundwork for wrinkles, weight gain around the middle, digestive issues and more serious health problems down the road.

In order to continue growing into my beauty and health, I will work persistently at creating space for me to release stress this year. I will make choices to be nourished, open and peaceful, but most of all I will relax those expectations, and allow my beauty and health to just be.

What is your word for 2013?

If you need help finding it, or you need support in getting to your beauty and health goals, you might find a personal health and beauty coaching program to be a powerful tool this year.

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