6 Labor Day Musts for Beauty & Wellness

Labor Day

Labor Day is upon us and it's time to give summer one last blockbuster weekend before we settle into September!  Even though it's tempting, resist making this one of those weekends that leaves you exhausted and drained. Make a real effort to  start fall looking and feeling your best- focused, energetic and fulfilled. To get there, include these six tips in your last weekend of summer...

  • Relish what's in season before it's gone. If you haven't yet taken advantage of the bounty of skin-beautifying foods that summer has to offer (or even if you have...), this is the time to do it. Topping your list are berries of all sorts (for mega antioxidants), cantaloupe (an excellent source of vitamin A, a must for healthy skin), red peppers (for sun damage-preventing vitamin C) and basically any other in-season vegetable from the garden.
  • Be happy. Whether you're at the beach, the park or hanging in your own backyard, don't let stress enter the picture this weekend. We want those cortisol levels as low as they can go, which means less inflammation, less skin issues and less chance that you'll put on weight around your midsection as a result of stress. (Check out stress-busting foods here).
  • Break a sweat. No, I don't mean lying there in the sun until you perspire! Get moving, whether it's walking (if you're at the beach, promise me you'll stroll down the shoreline), playing tennis or volleyball. Release toxins, tone your muscles and have a great time doing it. Your skin will glow for days!
  • Catch some rays. You know it will be gone sooner than you expect! Get your mood-lifting dose of sunshine (and vitamin D) while you can, but be very sure to wear broad spectrum sunscreen from zinc oxide or titanium dioxide if you are going to be in the sun more than 10 minutes a day.
  • Socialize. It shouldn't be hard to do this on a weekend known for parties!  Make plans with family, friends or neighbors- remember, relationships are an important key to your health too. But you should also...
  • Be quiet. Whether it's 10 minutes to meditate in the morning or a few silent moments to watch the summer sun go down, use this weekend to recharge and restore yourself peacefully. Set goals for the months ahead and reflect on the summer's best moments. When fall officially begins on Tuesday, you'll know that you're ready to embrace a new season with open arms.