A Bride's Guide to Looking and Feeling Her Most Beautiful



Wedding season is in full swing, and brides everywhere have but one thing on their minds: looking good.

Actually, that's a huge lie. Brides have 8,659 other things on their minds, from the weather forecast, to the groomsmen's ties, to the DJ's playlist. Every detail of the wedding runs through the bride's mind at one moment or another, so it's really a wonder that she has time to take care of herself!

To help take the pressure off of seriously overwhelmed brides, I've pared down my favorite pre-wedding beauty pointers (all available in detail to brides who take part in a Beauty Is Wellness coaching program before their big day) for looking and feeling your absolute best on your wedding day—or at any big event. These tips are the foundation of glowing skin, an energetic body, a flat belly, and reducing unwanted weight off as your wedding day approaches.

Here's the Beauty Is Wellness way to look and feel your best as you walk down the aisle:

1. Sugar is your enemy. On your special day, no doubt you're going to celebrate with a slice of wedding cake, a plate of petit fours, a slice of homemade pie, or whatever sweet strikes your fancy. But in the weeks and months before your wedding, think twice before indulging in sugary foods. Refined sugar contributes to unwanted pounds, makes you more prone to acne, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, and takes you on a hormonal roller-coaster (as if you weren't experiencing enough drama as you plan your perfect wedding day!). Cut out the sugar for a slimmer waistline and gorgeous skin.

2. Sauerkraut is your friend. Not right before you kiss your partner, but in the weeks before your big day! Sauerkraut—along with other fermented foods like kefir, brined pickles, kimchi, and miso— contain beneficial probiotic bacteria that help amp up the digestion and absorption of beauty nutrients that happens in your gut after you eat. Cultivate a healthy population of bacteria and you'll not only boost your immunity and help out your skin, hair and nails, you'll stop bloating and gas (which you DON'T want on your wedding day) before they start.

3. To slim down, eat! Starving will slow your metabolism and dry up the stream of beauty nutrients that your skin, hair and nails need to glow—and grow. Forget dry salads, rice cakes and meal replacement bars; build your diet around beautifying proteins (think wild-caught salmon, lentils, hemp, raw nuts, sardines, pastured eggs, and quinoa), healthy fats (avocados, walnuts, coconut oil), and an abundance of fresh, seasonal veggies. Skip sugars, gluten-containing grains, dairy, and alcohol.

4. Don't fall prey to stress sabotage.  Brides, you know that stress is an inevitable part of wedding planning, so create a plan to shut it down before it takes a toll on your beauty and health (stress can cause unwanted breakouts, weight gain and lackluster skin before your big day!). Pick a stress-busting activity that makes you happy—it might be yoga, jogging, meditation, or taking a walk with a good friend—and practice it regularly.

5. Plan what you'll eatin the week leading up to your big day. Don't leave your wedding-week meals to chance. Take control of your meals and chose foods that will make your skin glow, rev up your energy and help you handle stress. Go for an anti-inflammatory menu filled with the foods mentioned in number 3, above. When your wedding day arrives, you'll be looking and feeling gorgeous—and you'll feel great about splurging.

6. Know that you're going to glow on your wedding day like no other day before! Whether or not science can quantify the radiant glow you get from being truly joyous, it's there. Not only will you see it, but so will your partner, and everyone else in the room. You are gorgeous, and the happiness of this occasion will only amplify your glow beyond what you can imagine!

Bonus: if you're heading to a tropical honeymoon destination, you can prevent sun damage by filling up on sun protective beauty foods that contain lycopene and beta carotene (think watermelon, red peppers, cantaloupe, tomatoes). This way, you'll come home with memories, not wrinkles.

What made you glow on your big day? I'd love to hear your own advice for wedding day beauty!

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