Acure Organics: Natural Beauty (and a Beautiful Cause!)

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One of the trickiest parts of recommending natural products is the price tag. It's difficult to tell someone who normally adheres to a limited beauty budget that they should trade their $9.99 cleanser for a $50, natural version. Now, the $50 cleanser will be worth every penny (think about cost per use & consider that you're paying for things like ingredient purity and potency and ethical sourcing), but not everyone can afford to multiply their budget overnight!

The good news is that there are companies like Acure Organics that are very conscious of creating products that are natural– without being cost prohibitive. The entire Acure line could retail for far more than its current price, given its impressive (Fair Trade and organic!) ingredients and elegant formulations. Not only are Acure Organics products affordable (I saw only one product above $20 in the line), the company donates $1 from the purchase of every product to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  100% of the profits from the $3.99 Dark Chocolate & Mint lip balm also go to the charity. What's more, when you purchase Acure Organics from, the beauty boutique will add another $1 to the donation, for each product purchased!

Interested to know more about Acure? I loved the fresh-smelling Olive + Mint Facial Cleansing Creme, mixed with a pinch of the seaweed-rich Brightening Facial Scrub for extra exfoliation. I rinsed and finished off with the Rose+ Red Tea Facial Toner and the light and gentle Chamomile + Carrot Day Cream, which wears very well under makeup. Next up, I plan to try Acure's lineup of body lotions (all $9.99 and made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter), from the unscented to Lavender + Lotus, Lemongrass + Ginger and Mandarin Orange + Mango.

Acure Organics was created to honor founder Kristy Guerra's grandmother, who battled breast cancer for 10 years. Her mission hits home for many of us.

This October, when you're surrounded by pink products that support breast cancer research, remember to look for products that are ALSO natural, nontoxic and do not contain potentially cancer-causing ingredients, like those from Acure Organics. Don't fall prey to otherwise toxic products that appear safe because they support breast cancer charities. Thanks to Acure for products we can feel good about using and supporting! Get your Acure Organics products from to take advantage of the donation-matching offer.