Alicia Silverstone Talks About Getting Healthy & Beautiful on a Vegan Diet


I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with actress, activist and vegan Alicia Silverstone last week at the Natural Products Expo East in Boston.

Alicia is passionate about health, veganism and the planet and she had a lot of smart things to say about living a healthy lifestyle– while still enjoying food, fashion and beauty.

"You can have it all and still walk really ethical lines," Alicia said. She also mentioned that she loves natural beauty products (a few of her faves are Suki, Tata Harper Skincare and Tammy Fender) but commented, " All of that is useless if you don't have a glow," which she gets from a balanced lifestyle. I wholeheartedly agree!

Alicia said that she's been busy working nights on a movie set and hasn't had time to work out regularly in months, but she still swears by an exercise routine of walking and stretching, as well as her favorite way to de-stress, Anusara yoga. "Anusara yoga makes me happy," she said.

Alicia also loves to take dance classes, but you won't catch her slaving away at the gym: "I won't go to a gym, unless it's to take a very cool spin class," she said. "Exercise should be an expression of how you feel."

She wants women to know that becoming vegan changed her life, physically and mentally and that, even as a self-proclaimed 'foodie,' she eats very, very well on a vegan diet! Judging by her glow, her energy and her long, lean muscles, Alicia has found the diet that works for her.

"I feel stronger and healthier now than I did at 19," she said.

To read more about Alicia's diet & lifestyle, as well as get tons of the vegan recipes that she cooks up in her kitchen (and has chefs make for her on the set of her movie), check out The Kind Diet.