Beautifying Juice Recipes (and New Products!) from Celeb Esthetician Joanna Vargas

I'm so excited to check out the new line of skin care products from Joanna Vargas, the celebrity esthetician who operates a chic natural salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Her services are incredible (and, as you might expect, she serves a very limited number of clients each week, including celebs like Rachel Weisz). I love that Joanna takes a holistic approach to skin care, looking at skin health from the inside out, which makes me beyond excited to check out the new skin care line that she just launched. It's currently available on and I'll be reviewing it here when I pay her a visit in a few weeks.

Here's what we can look forward to in the new line:

  • Vitamin C Face Wash (packed with vitamin C and larch tree extract to inhibit fine lines)

Says Joanna:

"All of the products, which have been tested thoroughly for results in my salon facials over the past five years, are natural. Natural products are more effective because they assimilate into the skin much faster and are far healthier than products with chemicals."

To get your skin looking incredible from the inside as well, here are a few of Joanna's favorite beautyfying juice recipes, via Which one will you make first?

Joanna Vargas' beautifying juice recipes:

Super Eight Loaded with chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, the veggies-only juice is a serious feast. 1 kale leaf 1 collard leaf 1 celery stalk 1 carrot ½ red pepper 1 tomato 1 broccoli floret 1 handful parsley

Brighten Up Do away with dull skin glass by antioxidant-packed glass. 4 carrots 1 handful parsley 1 handful spinach ½ apple

All Clear Calm irritated skin with a swig of a bromelain-rich, anti-inflammatory cooler. 1 c. pineapple ½ cucumber ½ apple

Beat the Sweets Stave off the sugar munchies with a satisfying sip packed with vitamin C and a little zing. 4 carrots ½ apple Ginger to taste

Mrs. Clean The fruit-and-veg liquid powerhouse not only flushes toxins from your system but curbs salt cravings as well. Pick the variation that’s right for you based on your personal taste and experience in the juicing department.

Level One 4 celery stalks 1/3 cucumber 1 bunch parsley 1 apple 1 lemon Ginger to taste

Level Two 4 celery stalks 1 bunch parsley 2 handfuls spinach 2 carrots 1 apple 1 bunch cilantro 1 lemon Ginger to taste

Level Three 4 celery stalks 1 bunch parsley 2 handfuls spinach 1/3 cucumber 2 carrots 1 beet 1 kale leaf 1 lemon Ginger to taste