Beauty Food to Eat Now: Cherries


The peak season for cherries is fleeting, which is why it's so important to get your hands on their total body benefits right now! Cherry marketers have labeled this sweet red fruit 'America's Super Fruit,' which sounds incredibly gimmicky to me, except for the fact that it's a rather true title.

If you knew nothing about a cherry, you might get the idea that it was good for you from its highly-pigmented scarlet skin and flesh, which hold a mega-amount of antioxidants, including anthocyanins, quercetin and ellagic acid, that are amazingly nutritious for your body- and skin. The melatonin in cherries has ties to anti-aging and immune function. And the high dose of Vitamin C in cherries encourages collagen production. Beyond beauty, cherries have been linked to decreased inflammation and pain reduction in athletes and others with chronic pain (think arthritis, fibromyalgia).

Isn't this reason enough to splurge on some fresh cherries this weekend (instead of a refined sugar-heavy dessert)?

Life may not exactly be a bowl of cherries, but a bowl of cherries is definitely great for your life!