Bionee Scents the Next Generation of Mom & Baby Products, Naturally

For all of the effort we put into making healthy choices for ourselves, I'd guess that most of us place even greater weight on the choices that we make for our children. New parents often get serious about safe personal care products and good nutrition when they find out that there's a baby on the way, or when the little one arrives. And with good reason- studies by the Environmental Working Group have shown that exposure to toxic chemicals happens even before birth, demonstrated with contaminated umbilical cord blood.

Happily, there is a beautiful new line of natural and organic products for pregnancy, motherhood and infancy that I'm thrilled to recommend to new moms. This line, called Bionee, was created in France and is newly available in the US!

I met Eva Asmar, the founder of Bionee, back in 2009 when she was expecting her first child and developing this beautiful line. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the formulas while they were still in development, and I recently saw the finished products at a launch event in NYC. They are gorgeous.

What stays with me about these products is their soft, elegant scents, that (amazingly) are achieved with natural fragrance alone. After several years of tossing products with toxic synthetic fragrance, I've been lost in a one-track (albeit lovely) world of herbal essential oil-based scents. But I never lost my love of the right (read: subtle) perfumed scents. Bionee's scents are modern takes on the classic baby powder fragrance: they're soft, but they stay with you. And for me, they're a perfect departure from the earthy scents that I'm used to. Additionally, pregnant women are typically very sensitive to fragrance, and the strong essential oil-based scents of many natural products are a turn-off. Bionee is just right.

Beyond the scents (I'm just a wee bit obsessed), the formulations are elegant, utilitarian and extremely safe, with an ECOCERT standard of approval. They have been tested for mutagenicity and reprotoxicity, to ensure their utmost safety.  As I mentioned, they're new to the US and really do add a bit of French chic to your everyday routine. Bionee's prices are budget-friendly as well, with my personal favorite Body Caress lotion only $15.

Additionally, moms (and dads)-to-be and health &  safety-conscious parents should know that Beauty Is Wellness offers  one-on-one personal care product overhaul and 50-minute coaching session to get you up to speed on the biggest concerns for the safety of your family. You'll learn about BPA in baby bottles and toys, phthalates in fragrance and even vitamin A in your body cream to avoid during pregnancy. Afterward, we'll look closely at 15 of your most-used personal care products and determine if there are safer natural and organic alternatives that would fit seamlessly into your routine. To schedule this service or give a Beauty Is Wellness session as a gift, email me at