Buff is Beautiful This Pedicure Season

bare feet

For as long as I can remember, I've been of the opinion that nail color is an essential element of a beautiful pedicure. My toe polish has certainly been through phases: dark cherry, bright coral, candy-colored purple and delicate, iridescent pink (and a hundred others in between). I've been known to go from pedicure to pedicure, without stopping to let my toes go natural between polishes. Perhaps my thinking came from seeing so many pretty, polished feet in sandal ads and commercials for women's razors?! In any case, I've changed my mind. The most stunning feet that I've seen lately are smooth, soft, well-moisturized- and polish free! And that's where I'm headed this summer.

For buff to be as head-turning as fire engine-red toes, your feet need to look their best:

  • Get in the habit of scrubbing your soles and heels every time you bathe and follow with body oil or moisturizer all over your feet (be sure to massage into your cuticles to keep them soft). At night, go for something thicker. I've been using Inlight Organic Foot & Leg Balm, but there are some great drugstore versions from Burt's Bees, like the sweet-smelling Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme.
  • Keep your feet protected from the sun during the day so they stay wrinkle-free into the future.
  • To top it off: buff. Look for a buffing block that is labeled with numbers or instructions on each side (this one from Shany looks great to me). You should start buffing (up and down or in circular motions) with the coarsest side of the buffing block and work your way to the finest side for the final buff.
  • Use the soft ends of the buffing block to brush away debris as you go. Done correctly, buffing will rid your nails of ridges and create a natural shine that looks almost like clear polish.

A quick note: if your nails are yellowed (this can happen after using polish for a long time without a break), buffing will help wear away the yellow and some breathing time is just what your nails need!

Now, I'm not saying that my polish is gone forever (a little color is a must now and then!), but it's refreshing to try something new- and to let your natural beauty take center stage. If you're self-conscious about your feet (and plenty of people are), remember that there are only a few 'perfect-looking' feet in this world, and they're insured for millions of dollars. The rest of us all have a few flaws- and it's time to embrace them! You won't regret showing off your feet while you're walking barefoot down a sandy beach.