Calmspace: Safe Haven of Scent for Anxiety-Sufferers


There's an intense feeling of pressure, far greater than stress, that many people live with day to day. We call it anxiety, and it's caused by any number of physical and emotional conditions, from claustrophobia to depression. Managing anxiety can be a difficult task, as everyday activities can be triggers. But there is reason to believe that scent can help...

A new roll-on aromatherapy product called Calm Space uses the natural scents of lavender and vanilla to reduce anxious reactions, specifically those related to claustrophobia. Mmm...lavender and vanilla. Getting relaxed just thinking about it?


The company cites the results of studies done in 2008 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on patients with claustrophobic fears of MRI tests and enclosed spaces, which found that 91% of the adults studied experienced a significant reduction in anxiety when they inhaled calming aromatherapy blends prior to stressful situations.

For the 33 million Americans with claustrophobia, and the millions of others with anxiety, it appears that aromatherapy can be useful in managing anxious reactions.

I sampled the Calm Space vanilla blend and experienced an immediate and marked feeling of calm from its warm scent.  And I've used lavender by itself for stress-reduction before, so I'm betting that Calm Space's blend (which includes clary sage, chamomile, melissa and bergamot essential oils) is even more potent. If you experience anxiety, or if you simply need to manage everyday stress better, I'd recommend trying aromatherapy. Used over and over, these natural scents will signal calm and peace to your brain, and you'll hold in your hand the ability to create an instant safe haven of calm.