Desert Essence Gets a New Look

DE Collection of Skin Care 008_-1

Fans of the natural beauty company Desert Essence are bound to do a double take next time they restock their favorite products– because the entire line has a new look. Desert Essence has been around for 38 years, an eternity in the natural beauty industry, which makes it even more exciting that this makeover comes with an addition of new products, which cater to specific skin types: dry & sensitive, normal and oily & combination.

Old favorites, like the brand's Thoroughly Clean Face Wash will still be available in original form, but look for an aloe and cucumber Gentle Nourishing Cleanser (certified organic) and a tea tree Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (for normal skin), for example.

Highlights of the new product additions include Daily Essential De-Puffing Eye Cream (keep it in the fridge for extra cooling), Gentle Nourishing Day Creme with aloe and argan oil (and SPF 15 from zinc oxide), Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Moisturizer with tea tree and chamomile and - my favorite- a product that spans the makeup/skincare categories: Blemish Touch Concealer with tea tree, to conceal and eliminate breakouts. The creamy concealer comes in light, medium and dark to suit a range of shades and retails for only $10.

Will you like the new look of Desert Essence? I'm sure of it. The products are fantastic (and the prices are affordable, a huge plus).