Detox Your Makeup With These Hard-Working Natural Mascaras


Let's just get it out there– natural mascaras don't often live up to our expectations. My personal expectations are pretty inflated, having tried every [paraben-containing] Dior, Lancome and Cover Girl version out there in my magazine days. I knew that there was something wrong when certain mascara formulas made my eyes tear with their harsh ingredients, but would I ever find a safe alternative? Mascara might have been the last toxic product that I could not part with, had it not been for these three heroic natural brands...

I've been doing my homework in front of the bathroom mirror for awhile now, and there are three natural mascaras (that I've found so far) that I would say are worthy of your swap. Pay careful attention to the type of lashes you prefer and you won't go wrong.

LONG AND DEFINEDLavera's Volume mascara ($20) doesn't really add volume, but it lengthens like crazy. The formula looks like shiny jet black ink and coats lashes like a pair of sleek leather pants (really).  Naturally, it loses some of its luster as it dries, but the long and defined lashes stay put.


THICK AND PLUMP. 100% Pure's Ultra-Lengthening Fruit Pigmented mascara ($21) is actually fruit (and tea) pigmented! Black tea, black currant, acai, boysenberry, grapes and cocoa powder are just a few of the ingredients that give it a soft black hue. This mascara dries quickly and will give you plump lashes, especially  if you apply two (dare you go for three?) coats. If you are hooked on thick lashes and would rather not have each lash defined, this one's for you.

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IN THE MIDDLE. Nvey Eco Organic Mascara ($24) gives length, some plumpness and stays wet for a long time, allowing you to go back and coat and re-coat your lashes to build volume without stickiness or clumps.  One caveat: the longer drying time makes it's easy to smudge. It's a fantastic formula, but not the one to wear to a tear-jerking movie!


*These mascaras also come in blue and brown, to suit your color preference.