DIY Natural Beauty Gifts for the Holidays!

SIB holiday photo

Aren't homemade gifts such a breath of fresh air during the holidays? They feel so special to give- and receive.  But while we're caught up in a frenzy of sales and shopping madness, it can actually be pretty difficult to figure out what to make!

To inspire creativity and thoughtfulness this season, I'm hosting a DIY Holiday Gift Workshop this Saturday, December 5, in Philadelphia, PA from 2-4 pm. Not only will guests learn how to make and beautifully package a few of my favorite natural beauty recipes, tea expert Alexis Siemons of teaspoons & petals will be showing guests how make & bake tea-related gifts as well! Come join a fun, holiday-spirited afternoon with a wonderful group of women!

Purchase tickets here for $21 ($25 at the door).  Tickets include goodies and giveaways!

For Beauty Is Wellness readers who can't attend, here's a perfect homemade beauty gift to give this season: natural hand sanitizer (free of toxic triclosan) to get you through cold & flu season, courtesy of Sophie Uliano's Do It Gorgeously:

Combine 1 oz water and 1 oz (80 proof) vodka in a 2 oz. spray bottle, leaving room at the top. Add 1 tsp aloe vera gel, 1/2 tsp vegetable glycerin and essential oils (see below) and shake gently to combine. Spray on hands and wrists throughout the day to kill germs. Shelf life is 6 months.

Essential oils:

2 drops each cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus essential oils

10 drops each lemon and tea tree essential oils

Uliano suggests packaging each spray in a 2 oz. bottle (I love spray bottles from choose the cobalt glass for a pretty presentation) and giving one to each family member, or to your child's classmates. For that matter, this spray would make the perfect gift for a teacher!


Many thanks to Stacey ( for allowing us to use her lovely photograph above), and to Lisa Snellings ( who hand crafts the lovely Poppet creatures shown in the photo.