Find Your Perfect Foundation (and Get a Free Concealer) from Vapour Organic Beauty!


Foundation is one of the trickier products to get right. And when you miss the mark (ever apply the wrong shade and look like you're wearing a mask?), it feels like such a waste- of time and product.

  • One trick to soften foundation that is only slightly too dark in color is to add a bit of moisturizer. This prevents you from having to toss the whole bottle and start fresh.

Or, you could just use Vapour Organic Beauty's new (complementary!) foundation-matching service to get it right on the first try. If you haven't tried Vapor's foundations- the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation and the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation- be prepared for them change your makeup routine overnight (really, you'll never look back at your old drugstore foundation). Both Soft Focus and Luminous are creamy, luminous formulas (hence the name) that can be worn as full or light coverage, depending on your application. Soft Focus is a liquid, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a fluid foundation.

**Ready for the best part? During February, if you mention Beauty Is Wellness during your complementary foundation consultation, you'll receive one of Vapour's incredible Illusionist Concealers for free (shown below)- in your perfect shade!**


Here's how the service works:

Gain instant access to Vapour’s beauty team by visiting Send an email to responding to the following questions and attach a photo. Vapour’s experts will evaluate your information and photo to help determine which Vapour products are best for you!

-   Where you fall in the shade chart (to the right):

-   What is your skin type (dry/oily/combination)?

-   What is the climate like where you live (dry, humid, temperate, etc.)?

-   How does the sun affect your skin when you don’t wear sunscreen (always burn, tan, burn-and-turn')?

-   What is your current foundation brand and shade (i.e. MAC Cosmetics, NC30 etc)?

And here are Vapour's two gorgeous foundation choices:

vapour foundation-2luminous

I can't wait to hear about your flawless complexions!