Five for Spring

My five favorites for spring:

1. Fresh greens. I am hooked on mache lettuce (shown). It has a buttery, light flavor and is a natural source of beautifying omega 3s, iron and folic acid.

2. JarrowSil. I am all about getting beauty nutrition from whole foods, but this supplement caught my eye, and I'm loving it for its blend of silicon (one of the forgotten beauty nutrients, needed for skin, hair and nail flexibility and healthy collagen!), boron, and zinc (essential for collagen synthesis, acne prevention, and antioxidant protection). We don't store zinc in our bodies, so it's important to find good food sources. Some of the best zinc sources are meat, so vegetarians might want to try this supplement (and eat pumpkin seeds, cashews, chickpeas and walnuts for dietary zinc). A few drops of this liquid JarrowSil in water give you a good daily dose.

3. Primavera Calming Cream Cleanser. I love this cleanser for its blend of calming, healing borage oil and chamomile, and its creamy, makeup-removing formula. My sensitive skin has been so happy since I started testing it!

4. Vered Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil. I got a tiny sample of this oil and I'm obsessed. It smells amazing, feels luxurious, and the ingredients are incredibly healing and anti-aging for the skin: oils of rose hip, carrot seed, borage, argan, primrose, jasmine and many more. This oil blend is a splurge, but I promise you will enjoy it each and every time you apply it to your freshly-washed face.

5. Lotus Wei Joy Juice Transformative Perfume. When you need to be uplifted, Lotus Wei's Joy Juice is happiness in a bottle. It smells like fruit punch (it's actually blood orange, davana, which has a strawberry-like scent, marigold and rosewood) and makes you feel utterly carefree.

What are your spring picks for beauty inside and out?