Flecks of Spring Amidst Winter Blues

Is it possible to have the winter blues on the third day of January? It's 28 degrees and flurrying outside, and tonight's low temp is a mere 13. Just when the day couldn't look any more chilly and bleak, I remembered these new spring 2012 nail polishes from Zoya, called Fleck Effects. They'll be on shelves in just 10 days, and they're worth anticipating!

With a barely-tinted base and suspended, light-catching flecks of Mylar, these polishes are just the smile and wink you need to keep from feeling winter-weary. I don't write about nail polish often on Beauty Is Wellness because even the less toxic brands out there aren't 100% natural. Do I wear nail polish now and then? Of course. Do my clients love getting manicures and pedicures? Most definitely. So I recommend that they look for a safer brand of polish that's water-based (like Suncoat, Acquarella, Honeybee Gardens) or 3 Free (like Zoya and Priti).

You see, nail polishes are a tricky call when it comes to the natural/non-natural debate. Zoya's nail polishes are free of formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate (DBP), toluene and camphor, which are the essential toxic ingredients to avoid. But as far as being truly natural, I don't believe that there are any nail polishes that can make that claim. To read up on this subject, here's a great post from zaega.com called Nail Polish 101.

Not to put a damper on these pretty polishes, which really do their job adding sparkle to your day. Just a little $8 splurge and you're feeling brighter already. I'm wearing the blue-tinted shade (Maisie) in the snapshot below.

And if you're not up for painting on nail polish, here's how to go buff!