Forget Roses; Celebrate VDay with these Floral Chocolates

Put down the Hershey's bar, the pink and red M&M's, and the Whitman's Sampler. There's no need to buy them ever again. Not when you have organic, vegan, fair trade dark chocolate of the highest quality to treat yourself with this Valentine's Day - and every day, for that matter. The best part: they're beneficial for your body and skin.

You want your chocolate to be the healthiest, most beautifying food it can be each time you splurge. So skip the low quality chocolates that are thinned out with oils, cheap sweeteners and dairy, and go for the real stuff: dark chocolate, organic or raw. Did you know that raw cacao has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world? Cacao is also rich in chromium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper and magnesium- all essential trace minerals. A 2009 study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that chocolate with a high cocoa percentage can help protect skin from UV damage. And a Journal of Nutrition experiment found that drinking a cocoa-rich beverage improved skin hydration and reduced skin redness. It's a total beauty food!

The dark chocolate from Wei of Chocolate takes its health and beauty benefits even further with precious flower essences from Lotus Wei. Flower essences are at once curious and amazing. Appreciating them takes some suspension of disbelief, and a willingness to try a healing modality that you may not fully understand. Here's the deal: extracts of flowers retain their natural vibrational energy, making them therapeutic tonics that work along the body's meridians to balance the mind and body. You can take flower essences by themselves (a few drops at a time), add them to other beverages, or, as with these lovely treats, consume them in a piece of chocolate to restore balance to the body.

To determine what flower essence your body needs at the moment, you can visit the Wei of Chocolate or Lotus Wei websites and click on the bloom that you are most drawn to for an assessment of your mental and physical needs at the moment. (This may sound odd, but I've been testing this for about a week now and my flower picks continue to be eerily on target with my moods.) Drawn to the red hibiscus? You're in need of a fresh start, relief, and a new perspective, which is best paired with the Inner Peace flower essence.

And you can use this same practice for selecting your Wei of Chocolate treat. Choose your chocolate the traditional way, according to flavor (chili, mocha, chai, citrus, etc.), or get more intuitive and pick yours according to flower essence. I've been selecting mine based on flower essences and each chocolate I've had has made me feel fantastic. Each one is a new experience, and they are so special that there's no desire to overeat, just to savor and appreciate.

I can't imagine a more indulgent, restorative treat for you or your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Instead of your usual drugstore candy treats, splurge on a beautifully-wrapped box of sweets that will balance your mood and mind. How's that for self-love?