Get Your Healthy Juices- from Starbucks?

I'm not much of a java drinker, so the only time I really end up in Starbucks is when I'm looking for an herbal tea to warm up on the go. But if the rumor in today's New York Post is true, I could be stopping in a bit more often in the future.

The Post reports that in the coming weeks Starbucks will start converting some of its locations into juice bar/coffee shop combos. While one half will still serve coffee, a new section will serve fresh-pressed juices. Rumor has it that the inspiration and direction is coming from Liquiteria, the East Village NYC juice bar that serves fresh pressed juices, lots of them veggie-heavy (a plus, since many 'juice bars' are 95% fruit juice only). If Starbucks is heading in this direction, and if its new menu is anything like that of Liquiteria, I'll be excited.

No doubt that I'll still be making my own fresh green smoothies at home. But would I be psyched to have fresh juice readily available when I'm traveling? You bet. That's convenience that I can really get behind.

Would you grab a fresh-pressed juice from Starbucks? Or would you stick to coffee?

UPDATE 11/10: Starbucks announced that it acquired fresh-pressed juice maker Evolution Fresh Inc. It looks like Starbucks plans to open a NEW chain of health and wellness stores in the coming year, which would carry the bottled juice line, which uses high-pressure pasteurization to achieve a higher nutritional quality (the juice is not heated in the process, and no fruit purees or powders are used), as well as other food. The chain stores are going to start on the West Coast and be around the same size as current Starbucks stores.

"We are using this acquisition to position ourselves, in a broad way, to build a multibillion health and wellness business over time." said Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. "We are replicating the understanding we have about beverage capability and adding the theater and romance (of our coffee stores)."

What do you think about Starbucks getting in on the wellness biz?