ResVitale's New Skin, Hair & Nail-Enhancing Supplement

Thick, radiant hair and strong, flexible nails: those who have them were born lucky- right? Not so. We know that the health of our skin, hair and nails is tied to the overall health of our body, so boosting a few beneficial vitamins and minerals with food and supplements can make a visible difference. Which is why I'm excited to give away a new supplement from ResVitale that's designed to support health skin, hair and nails: Keratin Enhance.

To win a bottle of Keratin Enhance (60 vegetarian capsules- a 1 month supply), become a fan of Beauty Is Wellness on Facebook. You'll be automatically entered in a random drawing that will take place on April 27, when we'll announce the winner!

The daily Keratin Enhance supplement is a unique combination of biotin (important for smooth skin and hair and nail flexibility), a soluble keratin (the protein building block of nails and hair) called Cynatine HNS, polyphenol extract from grapes and grape vines ( with anti-aging benefits for the skin and the body overall), as well as the free radical-fighting antioxidant quercetin.  A clinical study quoted by ResVitale showed that hair loss from washing was reduced by 30% over a 90-day period and hair strength improved by 12% with a marked improvement in the shine and brightness of hair with use of this supplement. Impressive, no?

Are you ready to try it for yourself? Pickup a bottle at I'd love to hear about the changes you see in your hair, nails and skin. I'll be trying the supplement along with you and can't wait to see the results!