Go Natural and Nix Exposure to 500+ Chemicals Every Day

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The British Telegraph recently quoted a very scary number that you'll want to note: 515.

It's the estimated number of chemicals that the average UK woman applies daily through her personal care products.*

If the number seems massive to you, know that perfume often contains over 200 chemicals alone. Add that to the ingredients in the other dozen or so products that you apply each day and 515 doesn't seem like such a crazy estimate. And while there are claims that many of these chemicals are safe in small doses, what of their daily application? Surely a small dose once or twice a day, every day, adds up to something more difficult to control!

What is the alternative for women who want to stop bombarding their bodies with toxins? It's the message at the core of Beauty Is Wellness: beautify yourself through nutrition and wellness foremost, and pack your beauty regimen with only natural and organic products.

I'm here to help you with the process!

*Study conducted by UK company Bionsen on 2,016 women.