Good-Looking, Great-Smelling Scent Therapy from 21 Drops


I've always been a believer in the mood-altering power of scent. I apply this concept every time I use natural fragrance blends or essential oils to make myself happy, calm or energized. But the idea that aromatherapy affects the body in ways that go far beyond mood truly fascinates me.  Could it be that aromatherapy actually has the potential to help us digest, sleep well, cure a headache or relieve PMS? What if there were fragrance blends to boost immunity or relieve muscle aches?

There are.

In the 21 Drops line of essential oil blends, you'll find aromatherapy formulas to address all of the problems mentioned above, plus blends to de-stress you, help you focus, add passion to your love life, curb cravings and more...21 custom-blended solutions to life's most universal complaints.

What I find to be unique about 21 Drops (besides its super-stylish and colorful rubber packaging- as the brand says, it's 'Aromatherapy in a little black dress.') is the instruction on where to apply the oil blends to relieve specific maladies. Blend #14, Immunity, instructs to apply to the throat, wrists and back of neck when symptoms first appear. And # 11, De-Stress, recommends that you apply to temples, wrists, collarbone and front of the neck. Knowing when and where to apply is key to aromatherapy that works!

Today I'm using blend #3, Strength, to power through my Monday.

Each .25 oz rollerball ($28) is small enough to pocket and take with you on a plane, to work, out to dinner in a chic pocketbook- wherever you need it most. Be warned, the vibrant packaging and deeply satisfying scent blends will make you want to collect several.  But you are doing something good for your body, so go ahead. Next time you need a hand, go straight to the power of your nose!