Gwyneth Gets Greens, Goes Easy on Gluten and Dairy

Early on in my career I had the strange job of interviewing celebrities at movie premieres for a national magazine. I've always felt like celebs are kind of just like us (only with waaay more money), so I thought it odd when people would get star-struck in their presence. I kept my cool, no problem.

But I do wonder what would have happened if I had the chance to interview some of the celebs who are healthy beauty role models. I'm talking Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Gisele. These ladies have to look good 24-7 (it's their job) so when you see them sipping a green smoothie or chowing down on chia seeds you know it must be working! I imagine I would have been more than a little nervous, but so thrilled to chat with them.

In the past few years Gwyneth has gone public with her healthy lifestyle. She recently told Dr. Frederic Brandt on his Sirius satellite radio show that her beauty secrets include ample sleep: "I don’t always get it, and when I don’t, I look like I’ve been hit by a truck," she claimed. She also swears by staying well-hydrated, taking vitamins "religiously," twice a year detox (she touts Dr. Alejandro Junger's Clean program), and of course her workouts with trainer Tracy Anderson.

Here's what she revealed about her daily diet (note the liquid greens, a glow-inducing boost for her skin!):

Every morning she has at least one cup of coffee with almond milk. She also drinks a glass of homemade green juice, made with kale and other fresh produce, in the morning (she also tried and loved this other juice cleanse) and then and eats lean protein & veggies at lunch. Dinner is her splurge time, with wine and fries as two of her faves. She also tries to avoid gluten and dairy, which can be skin saboteurs.

How does this celeb lifestyle com[are to your own? Could you go head-to-head with Gwyneth in a healthy beauty match-up?