Healing Skin with Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn

When it comes to anti-aging skin care, it seems like there are two paths from which to choose: shell out for the newest breakthrough ingredient that could be synthetic or lab-engineered, or go for a product whose active ingredient is found in nature. Lots of us buy into the glamour of conventional brands, because their products are eye-catching or we recognize the brand name.  And unfortunately there aren't always studies to back up the performance of natural ingredients. But many of them really work to heal and rejuvenate the skin- and they deserve some attention! One ingredient that I've seen great results with is sea buckthorn.

I've written in my Beauty Ingredient 101 column about the great benefits of sea buckthorn seed oil (especially its blemish-healing properties). And I recently had the chance to test out three more sea buckthorn skin care products from Sibu Beauty: Daytime Facial Cream, Hydrating Serum, and a Face and Body Bar. Each product contains sea buckthorn, either in seed oil, fruit oil, puree or extract form.

Sea buckthorn actually has been involved in scientific studies, and it's been shown to rejuvenate cells, improve the complexion and guard against acne, among other benefits. Sea buckthorn is celebrated for its healing properties, and it definitely agrees with my sensitive skin. So much so that the Sibu Beauty sea buckthorn soap bar has already become my go-to cleanser when I need a basic, non-drying cleanse. I find that it's great to use in the morning, on skin that's already makeup-free. The day cream and serum are the powerhouse healing products, thanks to their high concentration of antioxidants and the richness of their omega 3,6,7 and 9 fats. Omega 7 a rare omega fat that's excellent at fighting damage, maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness, and boosting collagen naturally.

I'd recommend all three Sibu Beauty products, especially for sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin types, or for anyone looking to prevent and heal damage gently and naturally. The line is affordable ($40 serum, $21 cream, $7 soap) and would even be a great starter anti-aging skin care line for younger cosmetic users who are concerned about preventing signs of aging. The products are made with fair trade sea buckthorn harvested in Tibet (sea buckthorn berry is known for growing high in the Himalayas), and has recently been called "the new miracle berry" by Dr. Mehmet Oz. In the anti-aging beauty spectrum, sea buckthorn is one of the natural ingredients that I'd bet on for real results.