Healthy Beauty Advice From Bobbi Brown



Makeup artist Bobbi Brown has major skills when it comes to making women look gorgeous. While she's known for natural-looking makeup, her own makeup is not itself made with natural ingredients. (Time for some new, natural formulas, Bobbi?)

That said, Bobbi gives a great natural beauty tip to Elle magazine this month, and I had to share:

Elle: What's your approach to the p.m. makeup touchup? More powder?

BB: First thing: drink a glass of ice water immediately— sometimes you are just dehydrated. And eat a little protein, maybe some almonds. And then you need to add some moisture to your face. If I'm really dry I'll put on my Face Oil and later Extra Moisturizing Balm on top.

I love that Bobbi picked up on the healthy side of beauty, and suggested that readers hydrate and get a protein pick-me-up even before touching up makeup.

After all, beauty starts with a great diet...

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Image: The Heart Truth