Help or Hype? Supplements and Snacks that Promise to Beautify



Would you pop a pill for pretty?

In the latest issue of Organic Spa magazine, I take on the topic of nutricosmetics and nutriceuticals—foods or supplements that promise beauty benefits. If you've noticed of these products on shelves lately, you've pinpointed a major trend that doesn't show any sign of letting up. For my article I spoke experts including Jody Villecco, Nutritionist and Quality Standards Coordinator for Whole Foods Market, who confirmed that nutriceuticals and nutricosmetics are taking up an increasing amount of shelf space in stores.

So, are they help or hype?

My verdict is: a little of both. Certain supplements like those that improve digestive health or boost your intake of a wide range of nutrients (I call them beauty multivitamins) seem like safe bets. Others, like new supplement ranges that rely on genetic testing, are pushing the frontiers of beauty from within. Still others, like hot cocoas, chocolates and fruity chews, I approach with a healthy dose of reality: they're often processed snacks, not superfoods.

To read my rundown on what's cutting-edge in beautifying supplements and snacks, here's my complete Organic Spa article.

I'd love to hear your questions or thoughts on the topic!