Honore Des Pres: A Natural Perfume Line for the Most Skeptical of Noses

I've always been scent-obsessed, so it was especially agonizing for me to toss my favorite perfumes in the trash a few years ago when I discovered that they weren't doing anything pretty for my health.

(For an interesting read on hidden chemicals in perfume, download the Environmental Working Group's report, called Not So Sexy, right here)

Over the past few years, I've amassed a growing collection of natural perfumes from brands like Acorelle and Agape & Zoe Naturals that I'll wear now and then. But I wasn't lovestruck until I smelled the latest offerings from Honore Des Pres. The standout, Vamp a NY, is a sexy mix of tuberose, rum and bourbon vanilla that blows other natural scents out of the water with its sophistication. I was instantly hooked. I'm also smitten with Love Coconut, a delicious summer fragrance of coconut, coriander and cedar that smells milky and green all at once.

At $98, these perfumes are pricey, but they are absolutely worth a trip out of your way to get a whiff (I've sampled them at Anthropologie). And if they have the same effect on you as they do on me, it may be time to splurge. After all, you're doing it for your health! These perfumes are made with 100% botanical extracts and contain no petrochemicals. If you buy, go for the EDP, which has more staying power than the eau de toilette.

Right now, get Honore Des Pres perfumes in an adorable jam jar package (below). It doesn't change the scent, but it makes a really adorable gift!