How to Get Your Guy to Drink Green Smoothies



He looks skeptically at kale, questions quinoa and thinks your fish oil capsules were prescribed by a witch doctor. Trying to get your guy to permanently eschew a diet of burgers and beer may be an impossible dream, but there are more than a few ways to open his eyes to the benefits of a cleaner, greener diet. We all need a little balance, right?

If you're looking for a few tips from those who have tried (and succeeded) to get their guys to eat healthier, check out the below dos and don'ts. 'Cause you know, green smoothies always taste better when shared.

  • DON'T try to 'fix' him (he's not broken), but do aim to open his mind and broaden his palate.
  • DON'T baby him by hiding veggies in other foods. You're not his mom, nor do you want to be. Remember, he's old enough to be responsible for his own health and diet.
  • DON'T expect him to love everything that you love. You have different tastes, even different nutritional needs.
  • DO rationalize. Smoothies save time and effort, and guys love streamlining. Show him just how much fresh produce you put in one smoothie, then ask, 'Would you like to spend 45 minutes chewing through this produce, or sip it down in 5 minutes?' Point taken.
  • DO sweeten it up. Okay, so maybe seasoned smoothie-drinkers love the taste of dandelion greens and lemon alone, but newbies need time to adjust their palate. Frozen banana or green apple are great picks to sweeten a green smoothie. And opt for romaine and kale instead of bitter greens, at least for a time.
  • DO explain the advantages. Eating a nutrient-dense diet packed with greens and lean proteins can help him steer clear of a beer gut, provide the nutrients he needs to maximize his workout and his muscle recovery, and even boost sperm quality. Remind him that eating well is the ticket to a stronger, sharper, better version of himself. And you like that.
  • DO get creative. When all else fails, put the smoothie in a cool pint glass or his Game of Thrones chalice (I demonstrate, above). He'll get the message.

How did you get your guy (or your parent, sibling, best friend, or child) to love greens? I'd love hear your tips!