It's a Detox, Not a Feat of Strength


One thing to know about me: I'm a major juice cleanse skeptic.

You wouldn't think it, based on my love of green juices, nut milks and teas (all amazing for your skin!), but I see cleansing as a lifestyle, not a test of willpower. I firmly believe in creating a diet that you can follow as a daily (with splurges of course)— one that reflects a healthy lifestyle that you are proud to sustain. A day of fasting- fine, but long stretches of sugary juice with little to no protein or fats to help your body function is a recipe for a headache, weakness and a spaciness. Not great for our energetic lifestyles.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by Lithe Foods' Three-Day Detox.

Lithe Method is a popular 'cardio-cheer-sculpting' workout style that took Philadelphia by storm and is soon to be branching out to NYC. Lithe Foods are just one extension of this all-encompassing wellness brand, and their 3-day detox is brand new.

While the length of this detox is pretty standard, elsewhere it breaks the mold. This well-designed vegan, gluten-free, low-dairy, primarily raw food plan ($225, about 1,200 calories daily) combines both liquid and solid foods, including plenty of protein, fats and snacks to get you through the day. In short, it realigns your eating habits by steering you toward healthy choices, liquid and solid, instead of limiting you to sugar-packed liquid calories. The meals are a great approximation of how we should be eating most of the time (if only we were all so skilled at raw foodery).

A few of the fresh-pressed juices are decidedly sweet, and sugar content is not shown in the plan's nutritional information, but it gives me peace of mind that there is no refined sugar anywhere in these foods. Two of the juices contain a small amount of added sugar in the form of agave, and the rest are sweetened naturally with fruit, or left unsweetened.

Some of the foods are impressively tasty (just wait til you try the Curried Cauliflower 'Rice,' the satisfyingly tart Ginger Limeade (with cucumber and apple) and the Skinny Chocolate Milk (made with coconut milk, banana and cacao)).

Here's a pic of my stocked fridge on day 1:

I was quite impressed with Lithe's well-crafted plan, especially when the detox trend seems to be juice-only. After three days of Lithe Detoxing, my skin was absolutely radiant (thanks to the inclusion of some of my favorite beauty foods like cucumber, avocado, ginger, kale, cocoa, mushrooms...I could go on) and I looked forward to trying the new meals planned out each day. I also did the detox during an extremely busy work period, so having healthy, pre-made meals was a convenience that I can't overstate! At $75 a day, this detox is not cheap, but it's a healthy splurge for your body (and your beauty) that I can definitely get behind. It's not a plan you have to suffer through; it's a restorative treat for your body. Don't be surprised if you come away craving the anti-inflammatory ginger limeade and the Greenest Smoothie- they're fantastic.

Unfortunately, the Lithe Detox is available in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse and Old City Lithe Method studios only, but with Lithe branching out to New York City soon, I expect this detox to get lots of attention once it's available there.

Thanks Lithe!