Jessica Alba Advocates for The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Jessica Alba, mom to 3 year-old Honor Marie who is expecting another baby, has become a vocal supporter of The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. This new legislation, if passed by Congress, would update the outdated 1976 act meant to protect consumers from chemicals linked to cancer, asthma, disabilities and disease.

Here's an excerpt of a post that Jessica wrote about her discovery of the harmful chemicals found in many everyday products (via

I was alarmed to learn about all the potential harmful products in my home and lifestyle – like toxic chemicals in plastics used to make baby bottles, brain toxins in children’s toys, carcinogens in my cleaning products… the list went on and on!

Surely this wasn’t true. How could all of these toxic chemicals be used in our consumer products? I then learned that it was perfectly legal to use these chemicals in our everyday consumer goods. In the United States it’s legal to unwillingly expose pregnant women, our children and families to hundreds of toxic chemicals every single day.

I wholeheartedly applaud Jessica for taking a stand against harmful chemicals, and using her celebrity for a wonderful cause.

BUT...if I could have my way, I'd also love to see her become more informed about the chemicals in personal care products. Jessica has been a spokesperson for Revlon for the past few years. And while her Revlon campaigns are admittedly glamorous, the products she's backing are rated 'high hazard' by the Cosmetic Safety Database.

Her concern for the safety of her children's toys and her household cleaning products is very important, but Jessica could do even more by spreading the word about safe cosmetics. It's definitely hard in Hollywood, where Jessica's makeup artists are likely using products with ingredients that she has no clue about. But she can also make safer beauty choices for her own health, and set an example for her daughter. As I say often at Beauty Is Wellness, it's so important to be your own advocate!


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