Just How Far Would You Go For Beauty?

beauty lengths

Be honest: when you want to look your best, you're willing to push a few boundaries, aren't you?

Okay, me too.

But I had serious doubts this morning while trying a stinky (yet expensive) facemask. The smell of the mask was already sickening me as I mentally weighed my options- deal with the smell for 15 minutes and see glowing, rejuvenated skin afterward, as the product promised? Or rinse it all off and hope that the smell faded fast– forget the beauty benefits! Somewhere in that moment I started to laugh at myself and the ridiculousness of it all.

Why do we go to such lengths to look good?

Being a beauty editor (it's my job to find out what works– and what stinks), I endured the mask for exactly 15 minutes and not a second longer. My skin did look nice afterward. Will I use it again? Only in desperate times!

Another lesson: sometimes the most expansive products out there won't be your favorites- try before you buy (or get advice from someone who knows!).

What's the weirdest thing you've done to look beautiful? I want to hear your stories!