Love to Bake? You'll Adore This Natural Lip Balm!


At first glance, all lip balms appear to serve a similar purpose: moisturizing, protecting, un-chapping and soothing our delicate lips. Look a little closer and things change.

The best balms are made with ingredients safe enough to be eaten (which is good, 'cause they are...). One standout balm that falls into this class of safe, natural products is Made From Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Balm.

Vanilla, I know, has been done before. If you've had one vanilla lip balm, you've had them all, right? This one proves us wrong. Made From Earth's balm smells distinctly of vanilla extract, an intoxicating, elusive scent familiar to anyone with a love of baking. If you're a baker you will instantly recognize the difference!

When you can't be in the kitchen rolling out your own sugar cookie dough, I'd suggest keeping this balm close at hand. The ingredients (organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic vanilla flavor, organic vitamin E, rosemary extract, organic calendula) are good enough to eat!

And chocolate lovers, take note, there's an organic mocha version as well!

made from earth