Madara: The Summer's Best Makeup Will Have You Looking Makeup-free

I get the concept of 'no-makeup' makeup. It's worth the effort to look effortless, right? But sometimes it does feel a bit ridiculous spending time applying products with the end goal of a naked-looking face! Well, here's how looking fresh and makeup-free (while cheating a little) just got easier:

Lately I've been opting for a gorgeous new product called DecoFace from Latvian natural beauty brand Madara to achieve radiant skin without heavy coverage or greasiness. The mica and titanium dioxide in DecoFace tinting fluid provide just a pinch of skin tone-evening illumination, while the jojoba oil, cocoa butter, chamomile and calendula hydrate and soothe like a sensitive skin lotion. I've been using Moon Flower, the petal-toned illuminating version of DecoFace, but Sun Flower, the hint-of-bronze version, looks to be a hit as well. This product is lighter than foundation, and even lighter than tinted moisturizer, in its coverage.

No melting makeup mishaps for you this summer!

One more thing- DecoFace smells like a fistful of fresh wildflowers: green and leafy and warm. It's a very different, and welcome (completely natural) scent for summer that Madara works into many of its products.

All of the products from Madara that I've sampled thus far have been lovely, with a delicate, fresh feel. They're definitely worth a try! Availability is still a bit scarce in the US, so order online from a beauty boutique like or