Natural Beauty for Girls: Needed Now More Than Ever

tween beauty

We've known for awhile that tween girls, in the years before they begin puberty, are highly susceptible to hormone-disrupting chemicals. In fact, it is these chemicals that bring on early puberty, which experts link to increased risk of breast cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome later in life.

The message appears to be spreading, and just last week a story on MSN revealed the scary results of a new study on 1,151 girls: phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens, all endocrine-disrupting chemicals, were widely detected in the urine samples of the girls in the study. For many natural beauty users, this won't come as a revelation. But it should be a signal that it's time to protect girls from chemicals that will alter their bodies' natural development. Girls want to emulate their moms and aunts and older sisters and their friends- and that means using nail polish and perfume and lip gloss and girlish beauty products marketed to their age group. Mentor the little girls in your life by teaching them about healthy, safe beauty- and protect their health for years to come!

Here are a few companies that are safe, natural and suitable for girls (two were created by moms who found a lack of safe beauty options for their own daughters!).

Good For You Girls. This natural company provides essential beauty products for girls who are ready to learn about  good hygiene and skincare habits. Citrusy gel cleanser, toner and moisturizer from Good For You Girls are a go-to brand for any mom looking to start her daughter on the right track to healthy beauty and confidence.

Honeybee Gardens. The nontoxic, water-based nail enamel from Honeybee Gardens will let any girl express herself- in 21 colors. Most importantly, the polish is free of fumes and cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde.

Nostalgia Organics. With adorable names like Ruffles, Butterflies and Plum Tired, these natural solid perfumes make adorable, pocket-sized beauty treats. The scents have aromatherapy benefits for adults, but they come in cute tins that girls will love!

Sparklehearts. This tween beauty brand does it right with sparkly, sweet, youthful products that seem to embody the tween age. Fruity scents and age-appropriate products (detangler and sparkly body lotion) will capture girls' hearts before they even realize that the products are made with natural and organic ingredients!